Classification of Loan

Future Life Micro Finance Solution offers its customer a wide range of loans. As per individual convenience, the client may readout the details carefully and than decide to issue a scheme. We have two classification of loans category. One in which client can apply for a loan on the behalf of some personal guaranties like Gold, Car, Educational document etc. Second one is in which client is offered to use his property and issue a loan on behalf of it. There will be never interfere of company in client’s property, it is just a formality to run a wealthy business. The company works on full pattern and under the constitution of India along with Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India and Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India. We offers loans in following category

Personal Loan

  • Gold Loan( Up-to 80% of Market Value)
  • Education Loan (According to the qualification)
  • Pay Slip Loan
  • I.T.R Loan
  • Vehicle & Heavy Vehicle Loan

Loan Against Property

  • Property ( up-to 80% of Govt. Valuations)
  • House Loan
  • Property Loan
  • Project Loan
  • Shop loan
  • Agriculture Loan & Complex Loan
  • Plot , Kissan Bahi Loan, Property Loan, Sale and Purchase Loan, Will papers loan